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About the Sir.

Stefano Imparato was born in 1992 from the generous' genitals of Dario and Margherita. As you can understand from the names of my parents ( yes, I’m writing in first person now ) I’m not a fucking English Sir. I’m instead from Naples, Italy, one of the most beautiful and misunderstood cities in the whole world and I just wrote Sir. throughout the website because I like the way it looks with the beatiful Serif font I’m using. Currently I’m graduating in Computer Science Engineering and working as Frontend Developer in a startup I co-founded: Intertwine.

It cannot be said that I'm actually a writer because there are no books with my name printed on it but if you hack my google drive probably you'll find something. Or if you are Google, maybe you already know.

Just kidding, don't hack me.

Just kidding I don't think Google knows anything about me.

Anyway as I was saying I really like writing and telling stories and that's why I'm telling you mine. Hope you'll enjoy it.

- Stefano

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3 years experience

These are technologies (and not) that I had the chance to play with. I’m more confident with some of them while less with others, but I’m a good student and I can always learn stuff.














UX/UI Design











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As I said in the presentation I'm working on a startup: Intertwine.it where I developed and designed the whole frontend architecture and logic.

Plus you can check out my Github Profile where you can confirm that I can actually some of the technologies that were listed before.

Tinvid.com is one of my creatures.

Last but not least I'm working on a couple of side projects that will be online soon.

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Let's get in touch.

I will not list Facebook because, well, if you are asking yourself this maybe you should quit the internet. hint: what's my name?

Email: esseiproject@gmail.com | st.imparato@gmail.com

Twitter: @maikegiodde

Linkedin: Stefano Imparato

Github: Github

Phone Number: No, I will not give you my phone number.

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What's Cazzimma?

Cazzimma is a neapolitan expression adopted by Neapolitans to express a series of negative behaviours. Actually this definition is more than reductive because as others neapolitan terms it express a lot of feeling that only neapolitan people can deeply understand well. Anyway will try to figure out what cazzimma is through an example:

Gennaro: What's cazzimma?

Pasquale: I don't want to tell you.

Well, maybe you cannot see it immediatly but Pasquale's beahviour is actually cazzimma. Let's try to clear this out a little bit more: Gennaro wants to know what that means and Pasquale even if he perfectly knows what that means, he does not want to tell Gennaro. Why? No one can tell; maybe if Gennaro understands he will be better than Pasquale or some. The point is that Pasquale is being "sly" for some sort of personal profit.

I hope this is a bit clearer to you now, in the other case, well, sorry.